How Source One Prioritizes Safety When Delivering Fuel


Your fleet simply can’t operate without fuel, and you’ve got to have someone to deliver that fuel. Source One is proud to be a top gas transporter throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Delivering your fuel is a job we take seriously, and every step of the way, safety is our top priority. We aim to keep our drivers safe and confident on the road so you can get the service you deserve, keeping your customers and the community safe at the same time. Here’s a look at how we always keep safety top of mind. 

Driver Training

To begin, we only select the most passionate and dedicated individuals for our trucking jobs, and we conduct background checks on every potential employee. These drivers know how serious their career is, and they work daily to follow the best safety practices. We also play our part by offering comprehensive training to both new and seasoned drivers, ensuring that all of our employees are up to date on the latest safety information and best practices. Source One provides safety training for our drivers through Smith Systems, a training program trusted by Fortune 500 fleets like FedEx and ExxonMobil.

Vehicle Maintenance

It’s vital to have drivers who understand the most updated safety procedures, but it’s also important to have reliable trucks to get your fuel from Point A to Point B. Our drivers are not only trained on how to drive safely, but also on how to keep their trucks running smoothly and handle any issues that may come up on the road. We also have an aggressive vehicle replacement strategy that helps to keep the cost of maintenance low, a savings which we can then pass along to our customers. Our trucks are replaced about every five years, so our average truck is only around 2.5 years old. Having new, top-quality equipment helps ensure that both our drivers and other motorists on the road always stay safe. 

Best Practices and Protocols

When we’re delivering fuel, we leave as little to chance as possible. We track all the latest best practices in trucking safety and integrate these practices into everything we do. For instance, we keep constant track of weather patterns to make sure there are no hazardous conditions in the future. If a delivery is deemed unsafe, we will hold off until the situation is handled. All Source One employees, from our Executive Safety committee to our truck drivers, are fully aware of our safety practices and protocols, making sure everyone is on the same page.

As one of the most trusted petroleum logistics service providers in the area, Source One provides exemplary service with safety at the front of our minds every single day. If you’re searching for a fuel transporter you know you can depend on, Source One can deliver. For more information about working with Source One for all your petroleum and alternative fuel needs, contact our team today! 

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