What to Expect in Truck Driving School


Truck driving is an appealing profession to many people thanks to its low barrier to entry, competitive pay rates, flexible schedules, and ease of advancement. If you’re considering becoming a truck driver, you won’t need an expensive college degree. In most areas, you’ll simply need a high school diploma or GED and some vocational training, as well as your Commercial Driver License (CDL). Here, we’ll give some insight into what to expect in truck driving school.

Trucking School Basics

Some of the information you’ll learn in truck driving school will depend upon what class of CDL you’re getting (which determines what kinds of trucks you can drive). But most of the material can be applied to drivers of any class. 

In school, you’ll learn a lot about the rules of the road, including relevant laws about how long you can drive each day, licensing requirements, drug tests, and more. You’ll also learn procedures and tips you can use on the road, like how to react to road hazards, how to handle severe weather conditions, and how to handle hazardous materials. 

Of course, your classes won’t always be behind a desk. You’ll get some time outside with your truck as well. Hands-on instruction can include everything from your pre-trip inspection checklist to logbook training and properly maintaining your truck. All of this instruction comes before you ever get behind the wheel. 

Finally, you’ll learn how to handle a big rig on your own. You’ll be taught essential skills like shifting, backing up, driving in the city, and more. All of these lessons will be critical once you get your first job and head out on the road. 

Enrolling in Truck Driving School

So, how do you enroll in truck driving school? First, you’ll have to find the right school for your needs. Driving schools can vary depending on the license class you seek and the length of the class (anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months).

Once your class is complete, you’ll receive a certificate or diploma and will be all set to take your CDL exam. You’re one step closer to beginning your truck driving career! 

Begin Your Career with Source01

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